No sun?

No problem.

Increase your independence from the grid by storing  excess solar power with our storage solutions.  Enjoy cost-efficient energy. Even on rainy days.  
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For energy storage.

Smart storage.

Automatically stores your excess solar energy. Green energy whenever you need it.


Compatible with all solar panels. Amount of storage is tailored to personal energy consumption.

No loss of energy.

Our DC technology provides the most efficient way to store solar energy.   

Store excess power

 for later use

The most cost-efficient way to use your excess solar energy. Smartly save your valuable energy instead of injecting it back to the grid. The iLubat is easy to implement and doesn’t need additional accessories to be effective.

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Ecology. Economically.

smart consumption.

The smart, self-sustaining home where renewable energy flows continuously. The lowest grid dependency possible. That’s a green future.
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An A-level, DC battery

get thunderstruck.

Typical battery systems convert DC energy produced by solar panels into AC current and then use it to convert it back to DC current. This causes a lot of energy loss.

The iLubat is a full DC solution that stores energy in a more efficient way, without wasting  your valuable solar energy. For households without solar panel systems, we provide improved AC solutions to cope with dynamic energy tariffs.

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ROI optimisation is our

second nature. Reach out.

Getting the highest return on investment on your solar energy generation is a tricky yet rewarding task. Book a free 30-min consultation where we’ll walk you through our products and show you how Ilumen solar energy solutions makes this easy.

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Products that work together.


For heat storage
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For increasing yield
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For energy management
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For EV charging
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Stay in the know.

Innovation center.

The most promising solar technologies in 2022.


Europe installs record amount of battery storage for renewable energy

Europe is installing a record 5 gigawatts of batteries for renewable energy storage this year. This is according to figures from the European Market Monitor on Energy Storage (EMMES).

Grid operator Fluvius wants to invest an additional 4 billion in electricity grids

Grid company Fluvius wants to invest an additional 4 billion in the Flemish distribution networks for electricity between next year and 2032. To ensure that by 2030 we can continue to smoothly accommodate up to 1.5 million electric cars, massive numbers of heat pumps and solar panels, and rising consumption in industry, Fluvius is proposing to reinforce 40 percent of the low-voltage grid, 13 percent of the medium-voltage grid, and one-third of the distribution cabins that distribute power in the streets over the next ten years. Investments in the gas grid will then be phased out over the next decade.
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